Pope & Hudgens and Speights & Runyan law firms, as co-lead counsel for property owners throughout the southeastern states who own GAF Timberline shingles, reached a settlement with GAF in late Spring 2015.

This settlement was approved by United States District Judge Michelle Childs, and the claims process is open for persons who have cracked or split GAF Timberline shingles made at the Mobile, Alabama, plant of GAF (as well as other plants).  Approximately two years ago, Judge Childs certified the case as a class action against GAF and the settlement was approved after nine years of litigation.

In approving the settlement, the District Court authorized a process for payment of claims.  Any persons who think that they may be affected by this suit and who may be members of the class should visit the court-authorized website, including a link to open a claim, which can be found HERE.

Below you will find a photograph sample of cracked Timberline shingles:

Anyone who has GAF Timberline shingles manufactured at the Mobile plant between 1999 and the end of 2007 which have cracked, split or torn, should carefully review the class action website for information or call Pope & Hudgens to discuss your rights.