GAF Timberline Shingles Class Action Settlement

After nine years of litigation, the Federal District Court approved the settlement of the GAF Shingle Class Action case, which may affect thousands of homeowners throughout the southeast. Click here to find out more.

In recent years, Pope Parker Jenkins (formerly Pope & Hudgens, P.A.) has also obtained the following results for its clients**, either by trial verdict, arbitration award, or settlement:

  • $5 Million in automotive product liability case;
  • $1.2 Million in condemnation case;
  • $800,000 in condemnation case;
  • $3.8 Million in utility condemnation case;
  • $750,000 in bad faith insurance case;
  • over $300,000 in bad faith insurance case;
  • over $300,000 in professional negligence case;
  • $530,000 in condemnation case;
  • over $450,000 in breach of fiduciary case;
  • $1.5 Million in slander suit;
  • $500,000 in an automotive product liability case;
  • $100,000 on a counterclaim for bad faith insurance;
  • $400,000 in auto-truck collision;
  • over $1 Million in probate case involving mental capacity;
  • $300,000 in a legal malpractice action;
  • $350,000 in a shareholder oppression/breach of fiduciary duty matter; and,
  • many confidential settlements in various cases involving product liability, wrongful employment termination, and automobile accidents.

When our clients are sued, we represent them vigorously, including recently in the following areas:

  • defense of attorneys in disciplinary matters;
  • defense of doctors in disciplinary matters;
  • defense of wrongful termination claims;
  • defense of breach of fiduciary duty cases;
  • defense of probate matters; and,
  • defense of negligence and product liability claims.

**Past results do not necessarily guarantee similar results in the future. Each case is different and fact dependent. Call to schedule an appointment to discuss your case (803)276-2532.