Pope Parker Jenkins has been mediating cases for over 25 years – in virtually all areas of the law.  Since mediations are now mandatory, the selection of a good mediator is important to bring closure to cases in advance of trial.  When lawyers and parties select a mediator, they want someone who is objective and hardworking.  The key qualities needed for a mediator are trial experience, people skills, and an open mind (i.e., a good listener).

In addition to trying cases since 1974 and mediating on behalf of his clients for many years, senior partner Tom Pope has been certified as a mediator for 25 years.  He has served as a mediator in matters which have involved issues and monetary damages both very significant and relatively small.

In recent years, Pope has successfully mediated cases involving product liability, wrongful death, breach of fiduciary duty, truck collisions, real estate, and personal injury.

Pope is not a full-time mediator.  He has an active law practice which keeps him aware of jury verdict trends.  He serves as a mediator part-time because he believes being fresh is an asset.  He brings the following traits to mediation:

  • Trial Experience: Trials to verdict (representing Plaintiffs and Defendants) in cases involving breach of fiduciary duty, personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, professional negligence, business disputes, probate and estate, antitrust, defamation, condemnation, and truck accidents;
  • Good Listener/Open Mind: Pope makes a point to listen and understand the concerns and goals of the mediating parties;
  • People Skills: In his practice, Pope has represented day laborers, small businesses, and regular folks, as well as lawyers, out of state companies, and “big shots.”  He enjoys his personal interactions with clients, opposing attorneys, and witnesses and these qualities have benefitted him as a mediator.

In his trials, jury verdicts have provided Pope with a reality we all know: the exhilaration of victory and the misery of defeat.  Good verdicts when we did not fully expect them and some not so good when we hoped for better – a message that all parties in mediation should be aware of.

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