Professional Negligence

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All professionals, whether they be architects, lawyers, engineers or chiropractors, have a duty to conduct themselves in accordance with their professional standards.  If a professional deviates from those standards, he or she can be liable for any damages that result to the client.

If a person believes that he or she has not received proper professional assistance and has been damaged because of that action or inaction, the person should consult with a lawyer. Early consultation in these matters is essential to make sure that evidence is preserved and witnesses are contacted while their memories are fresh.  If you wait to consider pursuing such action, witnesses may have forgotten important facts or documents may no longer exist to support any possible claim.  Additionally, a strict statute of limitations likely applies and you must leave your attorney with enough time to find an expert witness before you can file a lawsuit.

In potential professional negligence matters, a competent lawyer will carefully assess the chances of prevailing.  If the case does not have merit, a competent lawyer should tell you so.  If the case does have merit, you need to consider all of your options.  Pope Parker Jenkins has successfully represented people harmed by the negligence of lawyers, accountants and other professionals who breached their duty of care and we offer free initial consultations in civil matters.