Why It’s Important to Contact Your Attorney Early

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Whether it is a business dispute, a consumer problem, or a serious accident, some people do not understand that they need to seek advice promptly and that they need to confer with a lawyer that they trust.  A reputable law firm will usually confer with a potential client about a problem without charge for an initial consultation.  The biggest mistake we see is that frequently people “stew” over the problem that bothers them but procrastinate in getting advice.  There are statutes of limitation which sometimes prohibit a suit if a person waits too long to bring the case.  The earlier you seek consultation, the better off you are.

First, early consultation can avoid a law suit.  There may be a way to seek an agreement, reach a compromise or simply resolve a misunderstanding.  Also, if you seek legal advice BEFORE you enter into a contract, land sale or other business agreement, the amount you spend for advice and counsel may avoid much larger expenditures when a major problem pops up because you missed something important by trying to do it on your own, or when you decided to use an online form.

Furthermore, if you delay in seeking advice about a legal problem, valuable information, evidence or even witnesses may not be available to support a law suit.  For these reasons, an early consultation often will (a) identify the problem; (b) suggest some possible solutions; and/or (c) enable a lawyer to gather all available information to support a law suit and bring suit if necessary.  If you are in an accident and wait to act, the “black box” located in many newer cars may have been destroyed, or you may not be able to find a crucial witness.  This can also apply to criminal charges, as video or other evidence may be destroyed if you wait.

Many people also operate under the assumption that if you bring a law suit, you have to go to court.  While sometimes an actual trial is absolutely necessary, in many cases early consultation with a competent lawyer can enable you to settle a law suit short of the courthouse, or to avoid the lawsuit altogether.  Call a local attorney you can trust at the first sign of a legal issue.  Whether it is a personal injury, contract, criminal offense or any other legal problem, early consultation will always be to your advantage.